Thursday, October 09, 2014

Reconnecting with photography

For the past couple weeks, I've found myself reconnecting with my interest in photography and it's been nice. I've revisited resources I had been collecting and I've found a few new ones. Last week in a random fashion I discovered Rebecca Cooper's Capture Life Workshop at Big Picture Classes just days before it started, so I jumped at the opportunity. We're now in week two and I'm really enjoying the class. She's shared good photo tips, but also a lot of encouragement to take more everyday moment photos. What better way to notice and appreciate the stuff that makes up our lives.

I've also been reading a couple photography books, like Shooting with Soul by Alessandra Cave and Art of Everyday Photography by Susan Tuttle. Alessandra Cave's book is filled with fun exercises that I hope to try someday, but right now I'm really soaking in all the information that Susan Tuttle has shared in her most recent book. I've been highlighting like crazy and filling a notebook with info about exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc.. Can't wait to use all this photography information and inspiration! I'll be sure to share.....

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Rebekah said...

Found you! I braved getting onto my blog reader feed and found you on my list! Great to read your post and scroll down your beautiful photos and posts. You have a beautiful home! Cheering you onward and forward!