Monday, September 29, 2014

Therapy in home decor

Our new front room
As I mentioned last post, I've been finding some comfort in taking care of creative projects around the house. Art can be quite therapeutic. I know that home decor projects don't typically come to mind when thinking of art, but it's been a great creative outlet for me. It's brought me much satisfaction in the past several months. I hope to eventually share all of our projects, so today I'll start with our most recent completion--our front room makeover. 

Our fireplace mantle makeover

Our new leather sofa bed and fun throw pillows

You might remember that we built a tee pee in our front room over a year ago. We worked on it as a family and it showed all of our personalities. It was made with pink and blue fabric that the girls chose (Becca being my blue girl and Kat being into pink). We hung twinkle lights and threw huge bean bags inside for reading. And it was magical. 

The tee pee we built in May 2013

Well, the tee pee was slowly engulfed by a humongous tent/fort that was built around it. It wasn't the prettiest thing since it was built from miss-matched sheets and blankets (just as any good tent/fort should be), but the girls loved it. It hid their mess of toys from me, so I kind of liked it, too. But with the mess hidden away, the mess grew and grew until they abandoned the fort (rather than cleaning) to play elsewhere.

The front room engulfed by forts

So this summer we slowly reclaimed the front room so that it could be enjoyed again. It started with my dad's camera collection and the oak ice box that he built. He was a man of many interests and talents (one of our many common traits). He used to dabble in a lot of various hobbies (jack of all trades), so it was important to me to have his camera collection and oak ice box proudly on display. This then sparked the idea to celebrate family in the space. I envisioned a space where we could sit and enjoy family time without the distraction of TV or computers. A place where we could visit or play games, etc.. 

My dad's camera collection and oak ice box against the wall

Lots of family photos to cherish
I framed and hung tons of family photos on our still empty walls, using a collection of frames with different tones and textures. We married furniture we already had with a few new pieces to bring together a look that Daniel and I had envisioned before we even had the girls or a house with blue carpet.  We built a new fireplace mantle that better reflects our simpler style and I painted the fireplace bricks to match our cream colored walls, since the dirty white wasn't adding to our look. We couldn't be more thrilled. It feels like a room out of a magazine. A wonderful way to cherish family and memories, as well as a beautiful way to welcome people into our home.
The freshened up fireplace and our new family mirror


Donna Pridy said...

Jen, you did an amazing job of creating a beautiful, cozy place for your family. It is really special. You have many gifts, but I think decorating is an especially strong one.



Wow Jen -- looks great so simple but elegant, and very inviting... Love how you combine all your creativity... The colors look amazing...