Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Today is a New Day

Today is as good as any to start doing the things that I want to do, the things that make me happy and healthy. This message seems to be all around me, especially this morning. 

For instance, several weeks ago I decided to go back to using By Jen for my blog, because it feel like it encompasses all of me whereas Running on Inspiration is really just a portion of who I am. So in prep to go back to my By Jen identity, I contacted Etsy and Facebook about changing. After a little bit of processing, today is the day that my Facebook page officially changed from Running on Inspiration to By Jen.

And this morning is also my usual Weight Watchers meeting morning. But I hadn't been to meetings for several weeks partially because my leader, Teresa, had gone on vacation, but partially because I had managed to return to meetings all summer, yet still gain weight. So I thought maybe it wasn't the right thing for me now. But something made me check the meeting topic online this morning (maybe it was knowing that Teresa would be back today or maybe it's because I'm preparing to start a 6 week weightloss challenge). Nonetheless, I checked the meeting topic and learned it was A Simple (Re)Start which couldn't have been more perfect. So rather than following my original plan of forgoing meetings, I signed myself back up and went to what turned out to be a perfectly inspiring meeting.

So today I've decided it's time for a fresh start. It's long overdue, but better late than never. I hope to return to those things that make me happy, like crafting, photography, running, writing, sharing, etc.. I am also ready to regain my health since emotional eating is catching up with me. As I mentioned before, I'm participating in a 6 week health/weightloss challenge which starts this weekend. My plan is to actually use Weight Watchers to lose the necessary weight (it's amazing how successful Weight Watchers is when you actually follow the program). I'm also running more consistently as I prepare for my third Nike Half Marathon in San Francisco next month and the 49er Half Marathon in December. So with all of that said, I'm happy to be taking action rather than just wishing for things to get better. Today is a new day. My fresh start.


Sylvia said...

Yay, Jen! Welcome back!!! Looking forward to getting together next week...

Lea Genders said...

good for you! sounds great! I love the idea of going back to by jen for your blog name.