Friday, May 02, 2014

Honor * 40 in 40 * Week Five

Honor f/8.0,  1/250 sec, ISO 200
With the recent death of my dad, it has been challenging to continue on with life as usual. With the stress of things, I had considered walking away from my 40 in 40 photo project, but after some consideration I think that would be a mistake. My recent rediscovery of photography had been giving me a new outlet for expressing my feelings and I can use that more than ever right now. 
In the one single month that I've had both my new camera and my dad, photography was also strengthening my connection to him. My dad had been an avid photographer for years and getting the new camera for my birthday brought photography back into the forefront. It was fun and exciting to share my photos and discoveries with him. So even though it's difficult and bittersweet, I am going to push myself to continue my photo project.
Last week I never decided on a theme, since I had no idea what to expect from the week. But then the theme picked me: Honor. Honor my dad. Honor memories. Honor life, etc...
My dad served in the Air Force, both as active duty and as a civilian, for his entire adult life. And on Tuesday, April 29th, he was honored with a military burial. In the photo are the shell-casings from the three rifle shots fired in his honor sitting on top of the carefully folded flag that had covered his casket. I love you, Dad.

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Jacee said...

I think "honor" is the perfect subject! Thinking of you!