Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Photo Inspiration

With my newfound passion (i.e. obsession), I've been searching the internet for everything photography: photography books to devour, camera tutorials to learn from, beautiful photos for inspiration, and photo challenges for practice. And as much as I've hunted, when it comes to photo challenges, I haven't truly found one I want to jump into. So I thought why not start a challenge of my own.

Back in 2008, and part of 2009, I did participate in a daily photo challenge. And as amazing as it was to see the year end results, it was pretty rough to keep up. So I'm not ready to jump into a daily challenge at this point. But a weekly project could be perfect. Just the right thing to get me practicing with my camera and inspiring me to watch for the magic in everyday. And if you count this week and the week of New Years, we have 40 more weeks this year. And I just entered my 40's! Perfect! My 40 in 40 challenge has officially begun!

With 40 in 40, I plan to use a theme each week to inspire me to take pictures and see the beauty in everyday. I think I'll normally shoot for sharing on Fridays, both the photo(s) prompted from the week's theme and the upcoming week's theme. I haven't decided whether I'll try to capture the theme in only one photo, or possibly a few, but I can figure those things out as I go.

So the big question, what's Week One's theme? I've gone back and forth a bit, thinking of themes like Gratitude or Passion, but when I continued to think about it, those themes are too big for one week. They are really what I want tying my challenge together. I mean, it would be wonderful to look back at the end of the year and see 40+ photos that represent me, my blessings, and my passions? So after much thought, I've decided that Week One's theme will be: Inspiration. I know this is also a fairly large theme, but it is perfectly me (because I do run on inspiration 😊) and it'll make it a little easier to get started.

Of course, even though I started this for me, it would be even more fun to be joined by others. So if you want to join me, please be sure to share links in the blog comments and/or photos on Facebook. Time to get clicking!

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