Wednesday, January 01, 2014

One Not-So-Little Word for 2014

A new year is upon us which means a fresh start and resolutions for many. And like many, I used to set resolutions I wouldn't keep. Several years ago I recognized the flaw in this tradition and decided to try something different. Inspired by Ali Edwards, I chose a word to represent my upcoming year rather than set resolutions. This brought me great inspiration, so I continued the tradition several more years. But then, in 2012, I went another direction. I worked on composing a list of my core values the previous year and it seemed to make more sense to honor my list rather than focus on just one word. You could say my one word for 2012 was "value." And that was really powerful in 2012, but this past year didn't turn out the same. So I believe it's time to change things up again.

2012 was an amazing year of transformation for me. I lost 40 lbs. I embraced running and ran multiple races, including my first marathon. I moved to a new home that meant much less driving time. The year was filled with amazing shifts and changes. So I almost went into 2013 expecting my high to continue. But it didn't. 2013 has been a good year for me and my family, but I spent a majority of it feeling a bit lost as I settled into my new "normal." Then when my best friend asked if I had chosen a word for 2014, it was like asking me what I wanted out of my life next year. I don't think I asked myself this year, so why wouldn't I feel lost and without direction? So it's time for another word and a renewed sense of direction.

2014 has the potential to be an exciting year. I am turning 40 and I have lots to be grateful for: good health, an amazing family, a beautiful home, etc.. So I'm looking for something extra special out of 2014 to celebrate. I'm also feeling restless to shake things up because, ironically, I'm feeling uneasy with the comfort I've regained with my new normal. Maybe it's a fear of being complacent and settling when there's more that I want for my life.

This first led me to the word "awesome," but it just didn't have enough oomph. But it did help lead me directly to my chosen word, "legendary" (or for HIMYM fans, "LEGEN-wait-for-it-DARY"). Now legendary may seem like a huge idea that would come with unreasonable expectations, but that's not how I see it. It's not so much about what I do that would make the year legendary, but rather how I do it. My legendary may be different from yours, but here's what a legendary year would mean to me.

Showing up. Daring to live my life to its fullest. Living with intention and purpose. Being fully engaged in life. Being awake and mindful. Making courageous choices. No excuses. Just action. Dreaming big dreams and pushing through the fear to go after them. Believing in possibility. Choosing happiness, and awesomeness, even if it means stepping outside my comfort zone (where the magic often happens). Moving away from a life on autopilot and actively living life from the driver's seat, choosing what aligns my life with my values.

Sounds pretty remarkable to me and, in my eyes, that's the stuff that legends are made from. Happy 2014!!


Kelly Warren said...

I wish you an awesomely legendary year. :-)

Leanne said...

Legendary . . . Perfect word, my friend, and a perfect year to choose it! Happy 2014!