Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Dare to dream big

Do you allow yourself to dream? I mean really dream? Huge, almost unimaginable wishes for yourself? It wasn't until recently that I realized that I wasn't. I was never truly allowing myself to dream big. I always kept my dreams small, realistic, and what I believed to be "doable." My dreams were "safe." They were things I could easily achieve often with little fear standing in my way.

But doing that was setting limits for myself. I was basically deciding what was and wasn't possible before even trying. And if I've learned anything these past couple years, it's that anything is possible. Going from non-athlete to marathon runner really helped me see this. Dreams can be huge, wild, crazy, scary, etc... And really, shouldn't they be? It's those wild, unimaginable dreams that really help you appreciate who it is that you are. They give you purpose. Something to reach for.

When you limit your dreams, you're holding yourself back. You're essentially censoring your heart's purest wishes. And how can you follow your heart if you never give it the chance to speak? How can you go after your dreams if you never let yourself dream them? How can you become the person you're meant to be?

That's where I am right now, as scary as it is to admit. I've overcome a certain amount of fear and started dreaming big. I'm finally allowing myself to dream my "wild and crazy" dreams. I'm listening to my heart's wishes. But these dreams stir up a new fear when I think about chasing them. The fear of pursuing them. Never ending lists of "what ifs." "What if I can't?" "What if it's too hard?" "What if I fail?" etc.. But that's really another topic I'll save for another day. Today I'll stop with the message "Dare to Dream Big."

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