Friday, August 16, 2013

The Project of Life

Even though my blog hasn't reflected it recently, there is much, much more to me than just running. The ebb and flow of life leads to a natural letting go of activities in order to concentrate on new activities. So as a result of my big year running and losing weight, I just naturally backed away from my creative side. I still found ways to flex my creative muscle, especially in the kitchen, but for the most part, my beautiful craft room was neglected.

But I'm suddenly feeling the urge to return to my craft room and to an old hobby--scrapbooking. With the school year starting for my girls this week, I find myself feeling rather nostalgic. But when I want to look back at photos, they're either trapped on my computer or in my phone. It's just not as much fun for me to view a slide show, compared to flipping through the pages of an album. It's time for me to free my trapped photos. I know my girls would also love that.

But life is crazy, especially during the school year. How will I find the time? I need to keep it simple. But still pretty. A photo album just won't be enough for me. I really do value a little extra "pretty." So after some research, I decided to give Becky Higgins' Project Life a try. Becky Higgins was my first "scrapbooking celebrity" crush. I was really drawn to her simple and clean scrapbooking style. And over the years, her scrapbooking style has evolved into a fun and simple system. Something I hope will keep the time commitment down while still delivering a beautiful album to flip through. So yesterday I drove around town, visited several craft stores, and used a couple coupons to get started. And I completed a first day of school layout last night (minus the journaling, I'm hoping to include the girls in that this weekend). This definitely has potential. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

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