Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mickey Mouse Magic

This week's meeting topic at Weight Watchers was about eating on vacation. It seemed of little value at first, because we have no vacations in sight. Maybe a day trip here and there, but nothing more. But as we discussed the issues and strategies, we were asked to remember past vacations and the successes we had. So I immediately thought of our whirlwind trip to Disneyland for New Years this past December. I remembered packing nutritious snacks, and breakfasts, to not only help with food choices but also to save a little money.

But more important than that, I remembered how great I felt during that trip. We spent three long days in the parks, but I felt great. I never truly felt tired the way I had remembered past Disneyland trips. I felt like I could walk for days (which we essentially did). I even remember feeling happy and energized as we waited on Main Street for New Year's Eve fireworks at midnight (my two little girls could not say the same; in fact my five year old fell asleep just minutes before the fireworks and slept through it all). I remember how amazing I felt in my jeans, 6 sizes smaller than jeans I was wearing the previous year. I had just completed my first marathon just weeks before our trip, and being in that kind of shape felt incredible. It was eye opening to the way things could be.

So as I struggle to get back on track, because I am, I need to remember how wonderful it felt to be in "marathon" shape. In the past at Weight Watchers, we've talked about having an anchor or a reminder of strong and successful times that can help us continue to make good choices. And even though I recognize the value of having an anchor, I never truly found one or the right memory I could link to it. But after yesterday's meeting, I recognize the strength I feel when I think back to our magical Disneyland trip. I have found my anchor.

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