Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Facebook "diet"

I am about to embark on a new adventure and I'm both excited and nervous. I am joining my beloved friend and life coach, Tiffany Han, on a 30 Day Social Media Rehab. For 30 days, I will be unplugging myself from Facebook and reconnecting with myself. My reason for making this commitment is not because I lose hours to Facebook daily (although weekly could be a different story), but because I continue to fall victim to comparison gremlins. Even though I just wrote a blog post about not comparing ourselves because we are all special and different, I still find it difficult to remember this at times. And Facebook just gives me too much material for comparison.

In the past, it's mainly been about my creativity and productivity, but at this point I'm also comparing myself as a runner. In training for my first marathon (the CIM, quickly approaching on December 2nd), I've unfortunately learned that training doesn't always go as planned. So I'm feeling under prepared, insecure about my abilities, and fairly nervous. So when I see others sharing their runs and workouts, etc.., I'm finding it hard not to compare myself and ask "what am I doing wrong?" and "why did I get injured?" and "how am I going to do this even though I'm further behind in my training than "everyone" else?" The questions just keep coming and I need to quiet them down. So I am doing this rehab as a commitment to myself and this crazy adventure I began when I signed up for the CIM.

There's many wonderful things I will miss about Facebook for the 30 days: reading about what friends are up to, sharing photos and updates for family and friends, seeing inspirational artwork, reading motivational quotes, and more. Nonetheless, I still feel like this is important for me to do right now so that I can reconnect with myself and my confidence. I do plan on sneaking back on (shhh) to share on marathon day. I can't imagine running my marathon without sharing the experience with friends and family on Facebook. Sharing my journey through Facebook has been such a huge source of support, inspiration, and motivation this year as I've lost weight and grown as a runner. I even questioned whether I should be doing this right now, just days before such a momentous occasion. But just like when starting a "diet" (in this case, a Facebook diet), the best time to start is now, not later. It's best to start and just work the special occasions in. So tomorrow, I start my social media "diet." Wish me luck.

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