Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting back on track

image from Tiffany Han

I've been a little off lately. Nothing really major, just little things. Recovering from my ankle injury and getting back on track with my marathon training (Only 39 days from now! Yikes!). Running behind on numerous things like Halloween decorations, birthday planning, and blog writing, etc.. Falling victim to a seemingly insatiable sweet tooth (emotional eating at it's finest). I've been feeling a bit out of sorts. And then yesterday, I happened upon a blog post by my friend/life coach, Tiffany. She shared a list of 13 things she'd like to accomplish before 2013. With so much starting to swirl around in my head, making a list was just what I needed. So I made a list:

Keep running
1. Continue my marathon training. I have one more half marathon this Sunday. I also plan on doing strength training at least twice/week (whether its at the gym or at home--no excuses) until the big day.
2. Run my first marathon on December 2nd (CIM)! Crazy!

Keep writing
3. Continue writing about my incredible journey (at least that's how it feels to me). This includes finishing my "Marathon Monday" story (next blog post, I promise).
4. Participate in National Novel Writing Month with Rebecca, my 3rd grader. I'm not looking to write a novel, but it's a good excuse to write more and bond with my daughter. She is already working on a chapter book, just for fun. I'm such a proud mom.

Be grateful
5. Practice daily gratitude. I have so much to be thankful for and this is the perfect time of year to remember that.

Be mindful
6. Don't waste time by constantly checking email and Facebook. Use the internet with a purpose.
7. Watch the TV shows on my DVR rather than look for random shows. Watch TV with a purpose.
8. When I get the urge to eat sweets after dinner, drink tea or get crafty. No more mindless eating at the end of the day. I have a healthy weight to maintain. Yay!

Cherish family
9. Call my mom and dad weekly.
10. Create something with my daughters weekly (whether it be in the craft room or kitchen)
11. Cherish my girls' bedtime ritual rather than see it as a chore (it's hard sometimes at the end of a long day, but they're growing up so quickly). Be patient and read more stories (no more swapping out books for extra TV time).

Relax more/slow down
12. Read more. Finish Brené Brown's Daring Greatly
13. Enjoy the season by enjoying family adventures, crafting, baking, listening to holiday music, and watching holiday TV favorites, like White Christmas (which I'll admit I have already done once).

What's on your list?



I love your list, we all should have a list of what we cherish the most and why are we thankful everyday for what we have...

Maddison @ Miss Imperfect said...

Such a fabulous list, you are running a marathon, you inspire me so much. I just completed my first half and I can tell you that after doing that (which I love and want to do again) 42km seems so long, I want to do one one day but wow. Definite inspiration.
Practise gratitude, I love it, this is also at the top of my list too. I have a jar which I put my 3 daily gratitudes into, at the ed of the month I plan on going through and feeling joy and happiness again with how I felt that month. Can't wait to see how you go with your 13 before 2013.

Sally said...

Great list and doable! :) I want to write a chapter book--go Becca!

Tiffany Han said...

Jen, I love all of these, and OMG I can't believe your marathon is so soon!!! I'm so proud of you!! xoxo

jillconyers said...

Hi again! After reading your post on starting the C25K this is amazing! Jen you have rocked a running world! Good luck with your half and your full. I'll be waiting for recaps :)

I would love to have you join Fitness Friday! Shout out and share your accomplishments! It's tempting isn't it ;)

I have already started thinking about 2013 goals and not you have me thinking 14 before 2014.

Last thing. I would love to know more about your life coach. Is she online?

[Fitness, Health and Happiness]

jillconyers said...

Ok I'm such a runnerd! I was so excited about your running I didn't check to see if you happened to had already linked up with FF before I commented. Thanks for joining!