Monday, September 24, 2012

Marathon Monday: Panic Attack

I interrupt this regularly scheduled Marathon Monday for a bit of a panic attack.

I started writing this blog post in my head last week as I started to look ahead at my running schedule. The miles are building and so is the unknown. To train to run a marathon, most programs have you running at least four times a week with one of those runs being a long run, as I am doing. Each week you increase both the distance of your long run as well as your total weekly miles. Soon my long runs will be passing the half marathon distance (13.1 miles) which is uncharted territory for me. The unknown has me a bit nervous, so much so that I'm feeling nervous even when I go out for a "short" run. Regardless, I still get out there. Marathon training has definitely been valuable practice in routinely facing fears.

So last week, my long run was twelve miles. I faced my fear and I did it! And it felt good. I thought I had maybe turned a corner. But then I came home with an achy ankle that didn't go away. There's obviously some normal aches and pains that go with running for a couple hours straight. But this ankle thing is different and it has now stopped me from a couple of my training runs. And I'm feeling a bit helpless. And stir crazy. I want to run. Now I wish nerves was all I was dealing with. I talk with my doctor today. Hopefully it's nothing and I'll be able to get back on my training schedule quickly...... and on to my marathon story next Monday.


Rebekah said...

Oh my. Please do take care of yourself. You will be running again...but not if you don't take good care NOW. I panic too and I don't even run as much as you do...I panic thinking of anything over 2 miles yet!!!

chiropractors nj said...

Hope things will be all right. Talk to your doctor about Herbal Remedy like relaxv. Wishing you all the best.