Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hello World!

It seems as if I've been hiding away from the world for the past couple months. It wasn't my intention, but it just happens sometimes. When life gets crazy, I have to cut back. I have to simplify. So I've been fairly absent from friends and the Internet and blogs and inspiration and art, etc.. But it's all been worthwhile:

My family and I are moving. Where you ask? Just 22.8 miles from our current home. This seemingly small move is going to mean big things for me and my family. This move is going to give us the gift of time. Less time driving and more time living. Hooray!

So for a couple of months now, we've been consumed with all things house related. We searched for the "perfect" house for our family, our budget, and desired location. We held our breath as we bid on the "perfect" home only to suffer heartbreak when we lost the "perfect" home just days before signing documents and days before Thanksgiving. We didn't let the heartbreak stop us, and we have already ended up in an even better home for our family, a home meant for us. So we celebrated the holidays with friends and family while surrounded by towers of moving boxes and paint buckets and rollers, etc..

We are not through with the painting and moving, etc., but today I've started peeking my head back into the world. I've started reaching out to old friends, visiting favorite blogs, checking out online classes for the new year, and looking out into the world. And I must say it's been inspiring! Here's just some of the fun stuff I'm exploring:

Cathy Zielske's BPS class, Move More, Eat Well 2012 (I could use some extra motivation to get back on track)

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend (I'm hoping for a 5K rather than a half marathon, but a Disney run could be worth the extra miles....maybe)

And do you remember the globe I made for my hubby's 40th birthday last February (pictured above)? Well not only has it been seen on TipJunkie and Babble. Now I learned that it was included in a list of DIY gifts to make for men on Tori Spelling's website, ediTORIal. How cool! How fun! Happy 2012!

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Baxter's Mom said...

Hooray! Congratulations!!! Love it when our Art is pick up and spread around the world! Let's get together soon!!!!