Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall is coming!

I love fall.

I love the changing leaves, the crisp weather, the smell of cinnamon, the sounds of football in the background, visiting Apple Hill and various pumpkin patches, baking pies and cookies, etc..

It all makes me feel so warm and cozy..... And inspired! When I feel this inspired I find that I must create, even if it's just using a few stolen minutes. And that's what I did yesterday.

With the back to school and fall coming, I made this cute little apple to go with my apple tree from the other day. And I'm not sure my little apple is complete, but it is definitely a good start and a welcome reminder of this lovely season sneaking up on us.


Jen Tankersley said...

Beautiful apple! Thanks for being a part of the 100 Days to Christmas community!! I look forward to reading about your progress through the season.

Meghan said...

Both of these are adorable but I must say that tree stole my heart! Love it!