Monday, June 27, 2011

Appliqué Fun

Yesterday we had the pleasure of celebrating my nephew Connor's second birthday at SuperFranks (the absolute perfect place for both kids and parents--wish we had one). Since Connor already has a ton of toys, in part thanks to us and a ton of hand me downs, we went handmade with his gift.

I spruced up a couple shirts from Target with appliqués and threw in a cute matching pair of shorts. My sister-in-law Rachel is a big SF Giants fan, so it only seemed fitting to add a baseball appliqué to Connor's orange t-shirt. And Rachel is also a huge Dave Matthews Band fan (just like me!) so I had fun making a DMB shirt. I know it sounds more like I made shirts for Rachel, but I still love how the shirts turned out. In fact, I had so much fun that I whipped up some party shirts for the girls (a heart-shaped balloon for Katherine and a cupcake for Rebecca). I definitely see more appliqués in my future. Too cute and so much fun!


Baxter's Mom said...

Wow! You are becoming the Sewing Queen!!! I love what you're doing!!!

Rebekah said...

Love all this sewing fun you're having!

Suzzie V said...

applique is so fun! Yours looks great :)