Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Positively Wednesday

As I mentioned, we're on spring break at my grandma's house in Boulder City, NV. Today we took the girls to the Natural History Museum of Las Vegas to see the dinosaurs and my daughter lost her third wiggly tooth there. Such a simple thing brings with it so many emotions. Rebecca is beaming. Excited for the tooth fairy. Excited to tell her friends. Proud to show off her new smile.

And I can't believe my "baby" is loosing her baby teeth. She is growing up so much each and everyday. Wow!

You can't get more positive than the magic of childhood, from both a child's and a parent's perspective. Happy times!

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stephey said...

Ah, I remember the magic of childhood! loosing my teeth, even seeing the dinosaurs (though in Washington Dc) and I was freak'n scared of the tooth fairy! I never had the idea that she was a light and airy fairy. I had images of her being an old hag and thought her gross for collecting teeth!