Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Positively Wednesday

I seem to be a bit of a broken record, but I am so happy it is spring. I'm loving the sunny days, the warmer weather, and all the beautiful flowers in bloom. My heart is racing with excitement because of all the inspiration I see around me and my head is filling up with more ideas, techniques, and projects I want to try.

For instance, I can't wait to finish my piece from the other day and share it with you. I got my inspiration from what my daughters have been calling "popcorn" trees that have been in bloom for several weeks now. Unfortunately I didn't stop and take a picture of their beauty and our last set of rainstorms washed most of the "popcorn" away. So this piece will be a good reminder of their beauty.

It will also remind me to stop and enjoy the moment because moments can pass so quickly, in every aspect of life. So be sure to enjoy the moment and have a Happy Wednesday!

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nicky said...

Love this photo! This is my favorite flower.