Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Positively Wednesday!

Today I'm trying something new here in my little corner of the internet. This year I seem to be on a lovely, but unexpected, journey of self discovery like no other. And in my "travels" I seem to be running into the topic of happiness a lot. And it makes me so happy! So I'd like to share my happiness with you here on a regular basis. I haven't truly figured out all that I wish to share, but I know that I want to share. And what better day to celebrate being happy and positive than on a Wednesday. I mean, who couldn't use a little extra happy in the middle of the week, right? So here is Positively Wednesday!

This week, I had thought about sharing some happy reading and thoughts, but then yesterday I was inspired to take a different direction. At lunch I was outside enjoying sunshine, blue skies, and fluffy clouds--Hooray! I was reminded of a silly little video that my husband recently shared with me. And just thinking about it made me smile. So if you have five minutes and you'd like to smile (and giggle out loud), take the time to watch this little Pixar short named Partly Cloudy. And Have a Happy Day!!!

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