Friday, February 04, 2011

Weighing in

I haven't mentioned it here lately, but I am still plugging along when it comes to my weight loss goals and the Green Tangerines Biggest Loser Challenge. I am off to a slow start when it comes to the numbers on the scale, but I am still quite pleased with my progress thus far. I am proud to say I am fitting some type of exercise into my daily routine. During lunch on workdays I've enjoyed walking to a bookstore nearby. At home I've been using our Wii Fit Plus, but I also hope to start to Zumba since I'm getting into better shape (Zumba kicks my behind). I also ride our elliptical machine while watching inspiring TV, like Peter Walsh and Oprah's Master Class. Now in the past I have been good at starting these good habits, but what takes the hard work is sticking with it. But here it is already February and I am still pushing on (even with the scale not really encouraging me). I feel more energetic and more optimistic that I can make these changes stick. I also value the fact that I have to weigh-in weekly for the GT Biggest Loser Challenge until April 1st. It helps to answer to someone other than myself, at least in the beginning while I am forming my good habits. So wish me luck as I continue my quest for a healthier me, or better yet, join me!


Sally said...

So proud of you, Jen!

Jen said...

Thanks, Sally =)

Jess said...

Good Luck, Jen!! I know you'll do great!!

danasparkle said...

Keep going. Great inspiration. Thanx.
Stay focused on the good feeling & each achievement.