Friday, February 11, 2011

The Sound of "Inspiration"

Lately my girls have been loving musicals and this makes me so very happy! I really love musicals even though I poked lots of fun at them growing up (I mean people spontaneously bursting into song and dance, how can you not make fun of that?). Even with the joking, I still loved watching them. When I was little I loved watching The King and I (I imagine I loved all the amazing dresses) and we would watch the Sound of Music what seemed to be every Sunday. I love Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain, and Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz (but I do have to admit I didn't see the Wizard until I was an adult--gasp!).

So the other day we were listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack in the car and you know what? I actually started to listen to the words. There is a lot of inspirational and motivational words mixed into these sometimes silly musicals.

For instance there's the obvious ones, I Have Confidence In Me:

".....With each step I am more certain,
Everything will turn out fine.
I have confidence,
The world can all be mine!....

All I trust I leave my heart to,
All I trust becomes my own!
I have confidence in confidence alone...."

Or My Favorite Things:
"...When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad..."

Or Climb Every Mountain (I must admit this was not a favorite of mine growing up, but I love the sentiment now).

"...Follow every rainbow, 'til you find your dream!

A dream that will need
all the love you can give,
Every day of your life
for as long as you live...."

And then I started to tune in more to other songs and musicals and I heard:

"I does what I likes and I likes what I do" Bert from Mary Poppins

"In ev'ry job that must be done there is an element of fun." Mary Poppins

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Inspiration is hiding everywhere. In what unexpected places have you found inspiration hiding?


Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Hi Jen ... I sooo love lyrics from songs. My oldest daughter gets some of her best motivational saying from songs.

These are all great ones that you posted .. have to add them to my book.

I seem to find inspiration everywhere lately. I've been going through a lot of my older books and magazines (part of my organize, declutter and pass along to others mode) ... I have a bunch of old Somerset Studio magazines that are getting me thinking again!

scrapwordsmom said...

Love your new button!!

Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . When I was in High School a man who was running for Senate (who had been a state senator until then) came to speak to my AP Government class and he gave us the worst, most cheesy shmaltzy speech ever, in which he actually said - I swear this is true - "Climb every mountain, cross every stream, follow every rainbow until you find your dream!" We were all like, "Yeah, we've seen Sound of Music too."

Sadly, he won . . . and 18 years later he's still a Senator.