Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Collecting my thoughts

My head is spinning (a common feeling of mine). I've been having tons of fun visiting blogs from all over the world with One Heart, One World. Our February assignment for One Little Word has been posted. Inspired by Peter Walsh, I'm still trying my best to clear household clutter. I'm letting go of a bunch of magazines tonight because I am never going to get to them "later," which I am coming to terms with. I'm also trying to get organized with the inspiration of a Bowl Full of Lemons. Also in an attempt to clear my head of "clutter," I am starting to write more lists (thanks to inspiration from The Procrastinator's Handbook). I'm also enjoying Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection and look forward to reading Blissology when I am done (trying to finish one book before starting another, because I often don't go back to finish what I've abandoned). So I hope to have more to share in the next couple of days, including how to make my cute little notebooks (which I hope to sprinkle throughout the house so I can write down my thoughts and needs wherever I may be).


scrapwordsmom said...

Jen, you sound so much like me....always something going on. Love it!

Sally said...

I'm so proud of you, Bestie! :)

danasparkle said...

I have had so much on and haven't even got to Feb One Little WOrd, but i know its there waiting for me. I'm reading Brene's book while trying to keep up with the dream lab. Feeling like lots on my plate. Love the little note pad covers.