Friday, January 14, 2011

With all my heart

Live, love, create with all your heart

I did some more playing last night and finished my piece from the other night. I love it! It's such a great representation of who I am. Just about everything I do comes from the heart. It was so much fun to just start painting the other night, not knowing where I was going, and then end up here. Hooray for playtime! I actually like it so much that I have created a blog button for myself (now I can cross that off of my To Do List). Take a look:
By Jen


Baxter's Mom said...

Another great one, Jen! I'm loving your hearts!

Beverley Baird said...

What a gorgeous piece! That is exactly what we need to embrace as a mantra!

scrapwordsmom said...

This is sooo cute!! And so something I would create...those colors are my favorite. We speak the same creative language, Jen:)