Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who do you follow?

This past Thursday my friend Leslie over at Words of Me Project (and Skinny Me, as if one blog wasn't enough to keep track of) started a linky party to share blogs that we love and follow, possibly blogs we've forgotten. What an awesome idea! There are so many great blogs out there, so much to share. I can't help but find tons of fun stuff when I start looking, hopping from blog to blog, hours flying by. So I've decided to join in the fun. Today the blog I'd like to share with you is my best friend Sally's blog, Are They Twins?

I'm sure you're thinking "Of course you love and follow this blog, she's your best friend." But I am sharing her blog with you because I know you'll love her, too.

Sally is a "mom, wife, teacher, compulsive movie-quoter, and lover of Diet Coke and Target." Sally had been neglecting her blog for a while due to the craziness of all of the above, but now she's back and I couldn't be more excited! Currently she's participating in the 21 Days to Getting Organized Challenge that I was trying to keep up with and she even wrote a guest post about cleaning. Now you're probably saying "cleaning? really?", but you should read her post, it's really quite clever and entertaining (it's almost got me inspired to do some cleaning and, honestly, cleaning isn't something we do much of here--we're more about organizing than cleaning). On her blog you'll see that Sally is a gifted writer and a talented photographer, as well as an emerging crafter (which was bound to happen with her crowd of friends, many of which you'll find on her blog list). So if you're looking to smile, and maybe even giggle, stop by her blog. 

And be sure to visit this weekend, because she's invited me over to her blog for a guest blog post (a first for me). I've got some fun stuff up my sleeve..... 


scrapwordsmom said...

Thanks, Jen! This is great!! I am off to visit!!:)

Sally said...

Thanks Jen! This made my day. :) I can't wait to meet everyone!

My world said...

very sweet :0)