Monday, January 03, 2011

A detour

In my attempt to clear out household clutter (which is going really well), I seem to have added quite a bit of clutter to my To Do list. I have such trouble gauging what I can truly get done in a day. Which means I never complete my daily To Do list. Part of this may be the unexpected interruptions of life, or the detours. For instance, this afternoon we visited my husband Daniel's work, so that Rebecca and Katherine could see their very own epithelial cells through a microscope (Daniel teaches Anatomy & Physiology at a local college and this really intrigues Rebecca).
Scraping inside the cheek for cells
Placing the cells on the slide
Adding the dye
Slide with cells
Rebecca viewing her cells
Katherine viewing her cells
Simple Squamous Epithelial Cells from Katherine's cheek
Now that wasn't on my To Do list when the day began, but it was an amazing experience to witness between father and daughters. And I did get a lot done today: laundry, taking the girls to their dance classes, making a bit of art (which I'll share soon), a little bit of organizing (Day #2 Challenge was to clean my desk which I already did this past weekend, so I continued to organize a bit deeper), etc.. We even went to the bookstore for a calendar for Daniel's office after dinner (also unplanned). I'm proud to say even with the additional detour, we had dinner at home even though it would have been so much easier to eat out after going to the lab (we were good in saving money and being healthier--big steps). I was also good at the bookstore and didn't buy myself a single thing, no magazine, no clearance book, nothing (I realize that to conquer the clutter I need to get rid of stuff rather than bring more stuff home--this is huge for me). So I really need to celebrate all that I accomplished today rather than focusing on all that remains unfinished (like Zumba and a little extra sleep). I will find the right balance...... someday.

P.S. I'd share photos of my desk organization for Day #2, but my desk is still far from perfect (I have a lot of stuff) and the photos are not nearly as cool as today's detour. We'll see how tomorrow goes. Tomorrow I go to work.....time for a bit of that time management I'm not so good at.

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Sally said...

My To-Do list is bottle-necked as well. It never ends! Those are some good-looking epithelial cells! :) What a fun experience.