Thursday, December 02, 2010

A real horse?

Santa 2010

The Christmas season is in full swing and Wow! it does get busy, doesn't it? I can't believe the last time I posted here was Saturday. It feels like that was just a day or two ago, but really it's almost an entire week. We've been busy decorating for Christmas and trying to keep up with the everyday stuff like work and school and meals and laundry, etc.. You get the idea.

Earlier this week we went to the mall to visit Santa. For the past two years, our Santa pictures have been a family photo because that's the only way Katherine would get near the man in red (see here and here). Well this year was different. As we were talking Rebecca into going up to Santa and telling her she needed to be brave for her sister (because Rebecca all of a sudden decided she was shy), we turned to see Katherine basically take a running leap into Santa's lap. It was the sweetest thing. She then made sure to tell him her wish--she wants pink cowgirl boots like big sis and......A real horse. I'm afraid our house, like many, isn't made for a real horse. So I hope that whatever Santa comes up with doesn't disappoint.

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Eydie Kugler said...

Hi Jen,

Your daughter's are beautiful. I enjoyed spending time on your blog, and want to thank you for stopping by and visiting mine. I wish a you magical season. Looking forward to connecting again soon.