Friday, November 12, 2010

Creative Bloom

My very own wire art flower

This past weekend I was excited to receive my pre-ordered copy of Creative Bloom by Jen Swift, a fellow Kelly Rae Robert's flyer. I've truly enjoyed all the artists and blogs I have found by way of Kelly Rae Robert's past e-course. Sometimes it's hard to explain why we gravitate towards one blog or artist, but Jen was one of them. Her blog is well written (and updated regularly--something I'd like to be better about), her wire art was something new (and I seem to collect hobbies), and it was just really fun to see someone "real" in the final stages of getting a book published (I just LOVE craft books). She's been a great inspiration. Her success makes me feel as if I can dream big, too. So I knew I wanted to get her book when it came out, if anything just to be supportive of a fellow flyer. So I snatched up one of her pre-order packages and I'm so glad I did. The package arrived beautifully wrapped with precious wire art gifts and her book. I have found the book to be wonderfully inspiring, both in it's words and projects. The flower pictured here is my attempt at her first project. It turned out pretty neat. So thank you to Jen for your creative inspiration!


Sylvia Drown said...

Oh Jen! I love this flower! Was it hard to make?? Special tools?

Jen said...

I wrote my very first amazon review for Jen's book now, too! Hooray for inspiration!

Jen said...

Thanks SO much Jen!! I appreciate it so much- and I love your flower. I showed my husband the pic you put of it on Amazon and he said "wow- that's her first attempt?" and I said " I Know! It's wayy better then MY first 15 or so!" So I'd say you definitely have a gift here should you choose to play with it further. ;) I'd love to see more pictures when you do! Thanks again for your support. :)