Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grey Skies Are Gonna Clear Up

I can hardly believe how long it's been since I've visited my own blog. Life always keeps me busy, right? Busy doing the necessary stuff, but not always so fun stuff. But this past week has been good because I've been really working on getting myself in gear personally--i.e. good health and organizational goals. I started walking more (reaching for 10,000 steps a day). I've been purging household clutter, but it's going to take a lot of purging at my house before outsiders see a difference. I started listening to The Happiness Project which has inspired a lot of my get-up-and-go. Donna Downey's fabric class has started and I've been inspired to try my hand making a canvas pouch for my iPhone so that I can wear it as my pedometer. I wish I could show you the plan in my head right now--it's very cool! I got a fun date night with my hubby. We went to the grand reopening of the Crocker Art Museum and it was really nice not having little ones to chase after and tend to. But then I feel a little black rain cloud came over the house. Last night while we were on our date and Grandma was watching the girls, someone stole our inflatable haunted tree that we've had and cherished longer than Rebecca's been alive (who will be 6 this Halloween). Then one of our car windows stopped going up and down (thankfully my hubby and our neighbor were able to fix that). We're having some audio troubles with a brand new TV (but luckily we're still under warranty, but what a pain). And the pumpkin patch I was looking to have Rebecca's birthday party is already booked up for the day we wanted. All-in-all, none of it is horrible. It's all pretty little. It's just tough when it piles up. Hopefully "grey skies are gonna a clear up" tomorrow and I'll "put on my happy face," right? Right!! I'll get back on track tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day!


danasparkle said...

jen, so sad to hear about your tree. it was a beauty. may your halloween be wonderful and your happy holiday 'spirits' (ha ha ha) return.
you have been doing lots of great stuff. everybody is quite busy at the moment and quieter on the bloggy front. enjoy october.

scrapwordsmom said...

Loved your comment about how you wish we could see inside your head! I am like that, too.

Sorry you had a few bad things happen. I think we all do....and when they pile up it is so easy to let those things bring us down.

Hope everything gets better...and I am an Eeyore fan so that made ME smile today:)