Monday, September 13, 2010

Work in progress

Work in progress, originally uploaded by byjen.
Yesterday I finally unburied my craft room and put it to good use. The project I am most excited about is my version of Subway Art celebrating the wonderfulness of Fall. Several days ago my BFF sent me this link and I was hooked. I had never heard of Subway art so I hopped from blog to blog viewing different samples. I knew I needed to make one. So I dusted off my Cricut and used the vinyl sheets I had purchased for the Cricut but had never allowed myself to use (I do that a lot. I'm a bit of a craft supply collector/hoarder). So here's a peek at the start of my Subway Art. I plan on painting over it and then pulling off the words to reveal the negative. Wish me luck. If it works out I have many more ideas to add to my growing to do list. At least I should never grow bored with all the inspiration that surrounds me, right?

In looking up my links for this blog post I have found yet another adorable project to add to my to do list. It's an adorable ribbon wreath and I LOVE ribbon (I hoard that, too).


scrapwordsmom said...

This is sweet, Jen! I don't think I got your e-mail with this...maybe I did and I didn't recognize it was you...could you resend?

This is COOL!!!

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

subway art ... very cool. Like your take on it so far!

Sally said...

I inspired someone! I inspired someone!!! ;P Looks dreamy, Jen.

Michelle said...

What an awesome project, thanks for sharing. Will have to add it to my "project" pile. I'm currently working on a tiered tray made from plates and candle sticks. I went to high school with Dan, he was a very nice guy.