Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pumpkin Dutch Babies, Yum!

Pumpkin Dutch babies, Yum!
In the tradition of my family growing up, today I was inspired to make a special Sunday morning breakfast. Lately we've been in a bit of a pancake rut so I searched for something different. One breakfast I remember enjoying a lot as a child was Dutch Babies. I don't know exactly where our recipe came from (my grandma found us lots of yummy recipes out of magazines and books, which I also enjoy doing) but it definitely found its way into our permanent collection. But today I even wanted that to be a little different. So I did a quick internet search for "pumpkin dutch babies" (I am loving fall and what says fall more than pumpkin?) and I found this recipe on Baking Bites. It was a bit different from our recipe but I was up for the adventure. And they turned out wonderful, like a bite of pumpkin pie. Then add some maple syrup, whipped cream, and Halloween sprinkles and it was almost sinful. So if you're looking for a new breakfast adventure, I highly recommend the pumpkin Dutch babies!

And if you're curious, I finally got a picture up with all the fun projects from last weekend. Enjoy!

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