Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puppy love

Sprinkles, originally uploaded by byjen.

Growing up, I always had a dog. I am very much a dog person. So when I left home to go away to college many years ago, I knew that I would want a dog of my own someday. And here it is ??? years later and I am just now getting a dog. It just seems like we were always waiting for the right time. I'm not positive that this is truly the right time, but it seems that the "right" dog may have just found us.

A few weeks ago we were looking at dogs on the Petfinder app on my iPhone (I just love my iPhone) because Rebecca has been asking more and more about getting a dog. We found a little puppy named Cameo that caught Daniel's eye. Now Daniel was not raised with dogs, so I was excited to see a dog that peaked his interest. So I ran with it. We called and emailed about the pup. We learned that Cameo was in the process of being adopted, but she did have three sisters, Chakra, Cocoa, and CurlySue, needing a home. It's crazy how different all the puppies look. We thought Chakra and Cocoa were cute, but honestly, we just giggled and made jokes when we saw CurlySue's picture. So I continued to follow up, asking about the two other sisters as well as Cameo if she didn't get adopted. So after a few emails (including a lost application) I finally got in touch with the rescue group again this past Sunday. Georgie, the woman in charge of the pups, was glad I had persisted and wanted to set up a time for a meeting with the pups at our home on Monday. It was bit faster than I expected, yet later than expected since I had first inquired weeks ago. But Cameo was still available so I had to meet her.

Monday arrived and Georgie brought the pups. I thought she'd just be bringing Cameo, Chakra, and Cocoa, but then I was surprised to see CurlySue. I guess had been curious to see if she just wasn't photogenic. I have to admit I still wasn't in love with CurlySue when she came bounding out of her crate, but she appeared to be in love with us. She was so excited to see us, especially Rebecca, so Rebecca quickly grew attached. Cameo was very cute and sweet, but she was just too timid around the girls. Cocoa and Chakra were also cute, but after a couple hour visit in our back yard it just seemed like CurlySue had picked us and any other dog just wouldn't be right.

So now we have CurlySue, now known as Sprinkles. It's hard to believe we've only had her for 3 days. She's wonderful with the girls and they adore her. The more time we spend with her, the more I appreciate what a little cutie she is. And she's so soft. She's fitting in quite nicely. It's crazy how the right things just seem to find us sometimes. Sprinkles seems to have been meant to be =)


Sylvia Drown said...

She is so cute!!! I know your family will love having a doggie around!!!

mindy said...

she is adorable! i love my doggies and will always have at least one ;)

what kind is sprinkles?? love her freckles.

Sally said...

Love it. Like the new layout too. Did you edit the photo with that same program?

Jen said...

Thanks everyone. Sally, I did edit the photo with picnik again. I just love trying all the free stuff. And, Mindy, Sprinkles is a .... ready for it... CockaDalmooodle (Cocker Spaniel/Dalmatian/Miniature Poodle mix). Don't you love it? And yes, we came up with the term =)

jacqueline said...

Sprinkles is soo adorable and i am also a dog person!! Grew up with many dogs coz my dad loves them too. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!