Monday, August 09, 2010


Football, originally uploaded by byjen.
Can you believe it is almost football season? Last night was the first pre-season game (the Hall of Fame Game between the Cowboys and Bengals) and it felt so nice to have it on. Sometimes I forget how much I love football.

I haven't always watched football. In fact, I went to many high school football games as a band nerd, yet only stopped to watch one game. But later in college, I had a football-loving boyfriend so I gave it another try. I chose the SF Niners to root for which seemed like a good match, they were close by and they wore my favorite color. But the boyfriend was a Cowboys fan (a huge Niners rival). Well the boyfriend didn't work out, but football did! Then my football-loving husband swooped in and continued to cultivate my love for the game. I learned about the rules and the players and even played on a few fantasy leagues.

So watching the game last night reminded me of all of this. It made me want to brush up on my football knowledge, as well as learn more about the current players. Because, honestly, since my girls were born (Rebecca will be 6 in October) I haven't paid as much attention to the game. I always mean to, but I just don't sit down and watch. And then another football season slips by.

So this year, instead of letting another football season slip away, I would like to stay more involved by playing in a fantasy league. I found fantasy leagues were a great way to learn about the game and the players, as well as providing a little friendly competition. But instead of squeezing in to one of my hubby's leagues I thought I'd start my own. So is anyone interested in joining me and my fantasy league, the BFL: Blogging Football Ladies? If so, send me a message by clicking on the football on the right (you gotta love a collaged football, right?). No pressure. Just fun and friendly! And if this is your first fantasy league, please ask me any questions you might have, K?


scrapwordsmom said...

I love that you love football...I do, too!!! My father always had the game on...then my son has always played {not this year} and my husband played and now watches! I grew up a Niners fan, too!!!:) And Green Bay Packers.

We live in Chiefs country...there training camp is just 30 minutes away and their stadium is just an hour and a half. We don't like the Chiefs though-LOL!!!

Rebecca Everett said...

This turned out great. Love it!!