Thursday, July 08, 2010

Tutus for everyone!!

After the girls went to bed last night I started on a tutu for Katherine's birthday. I hadn't really planned on making her a tutu (although I've always toyed with the idea of making a tutu). But what brought this cute little tutu to be was a chance encounter at JoAnn's the other day. I had the girls with me and we were looking for tulle to use as decoration for our upcoming princess party. And there in the tulle section was a woman filling her basket with all kinds of pink tulle. We started talking and she was making a tutu for herself (she's a in a princess bicycling club). She thought my girls would like the project so she discretely showed me the pattern she was working from (the girls didn't even notice since they were happily playing together). It seemed really doable. So I did a search when I got home and found the exact tutorial here (and I love the blog discovery, Tea Rose, that it came from). SO last night I sat down and made an adorable tutu in about one hour (it took me a little longer than the tutorial predicted because I had to cut all the tulle pieces rather than using the rolls). But what an accomplishment. I believe she is going to LOVE it. And I imagine that big sis will want one, too. It was really fun. In fact I'm ready to make tutus for everyone =)

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Lis said...

how adorable is this?! I'm sure it would take me longer than an hour and look like the cat had put it together. You will have to be sure to post pictures of the tutu on!

I loved your list from July 1; you reminded me I need to finish up Flying Lessons! And then get back to Artistic Mother projects. Oh, the stress of it all :)

I look forward to seeing all your summer creativity unfold ... there is just too much good stuff to do! Ah, yes ... back to making my daily lists!

xo Lis