Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The princess party was a success

Katherine's 3rd Bday Party, originally uploaded by byjen.
We had Katherine's 3rd birthday party this past Sunday and it was a great success! I hope to share more, but I am pooped. Poor Katherine ended her big party day with a fever, that just now went away this morning. So we need some extra sleep at our house, but unfortunately today's a work day. Soon we'll get some sleep....I hope.


Kristin said...

Oh, how CUTE is that!!! I love everything about it (and those cupcakes are just perfect), Kristin xo

danasparkle said...

well done. princess parties are so wonderful. the girls look like they had a fun time. take care of you, so you can feel like a mummy princess again.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

looks like fun ... I miss the days of princess parties! Although I have to admit .... I'm loving spa days with my "big" girls.

jacqueline said...

Happy belated birthday to your sweet little girl! She is soo beautiful! Looks like a great party! Love to yoU and yours!

Jen said...

This is So COOL looking!!! I bet Katherine will remember this always!