Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dress Cookies

Dress Cookies, originally uploaded by byjen.
One of the many princess things we made for Katherine's party was dress cookies. We had cupcakes, but Rebecca really wanted to make these, too. We used a dress cookie cutter from an American Girl dessert book that she found and fell in love with months ago. She loves girly dresses and she loves desserts, so it's the perfect combination. We decorated our dresses using royal icing squeezed from Wilton squeeze bottles. I can't tell you what a great find these bottles were. Bags and even other squeeze bottles have been hard for the girls to manage (especially Katherine), but with the Wilton bottles both girls can easily decorate the cookies. Christmas cookies should be fun.


Mandy said...

so very very

Jess said...

Man, that little dress is super cute... I could use those at the wedding. (with some little clear crystal sugar sprinkles)... yum!!

jacqueline said...

I LOVE dress cookies! They are sooo adorable and they even make good wedding treats! This idea is in one of my wedding treats list. Love to you!

Bethany Kartchner said...

Those are so cute! And they look so yummy! What an adorable daughter you have. Love that smile!