Saturday, June 19, 2010

Word Art Giveaway!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have recently been inspired by fellow bloggers, Christi and Jen.  I'm hosting a giveaway! One lucky reader will win my Freedom Word Art. Not only does Freedom represent the the spirit of summer, patriotism, and the 4th of July, but it's also a good reminder to give yourself the freedom to dream, create and be inspired by life.

And the winner is Lorrie! Congratulations!!!


sabrina said...

Right now I would have to say one of my favorite words is determination. I've had to have a lot of determination throughout my journey of gaining and maintaining a healtthy lifestyle. It all started back in March while training for the Santa Cruz 10k!

Sally said...

Your first giveaway, yay! I never did come up with a word for 2010. I liked "grow" so much! Maybe "evolve?" I feel like I'm constantly learning and changing.

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

"Believe" is one of my fav words right now.

Good luck with your first giveaway!

Beverley Baird said...

Love your freedom artpiece.
Words like Believe (my word for 2009) still resonate with me. Love as well is another one.
Great giveaway!

Christina Tryon said...

My word this year is "Aware." I love your art and I wish you the best as you "take flight!"

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

WOW ... I can't believe that I won! This is amazing ... thanks Jen and I'll send you my info via email.