Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tonight I got a strong urge to put on my Nikes and go for a walk after the girls went to bed. So I did! Not something I normally do. Something I should be doing, but not something I am doing. Well, all good things have to start somewhere. I am lucky enough to have a community lake to walk around and it was perfect. The weather was perfect, the setting was perfect, and I had the perfect music--Dave Matthews Band! It felt really good to get my body moving and to be outside. And it was also nice to be alone with my thoughts. I definitely need to do this more!

And speaking of things I don't normally do, did you see I have now posted 3 days in a row this week? Wow! Kelly Rae's class has been quite the inspiration for trying new things. Stay tuned, I should be posting again this week thanks to inspiration from Jen and Cristi.

And before I go, I should mention that today I did give my dad his canvas as you see it in the previous post. It was finished and has been finished for a couple weeks. He really liked it. All is good.


Shalet said...

So good for you to get out and walk. I really need to do that!

Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog -- yes I changed it up a bit (with the new blogger templates). I'm really liking the changes - it now seems much more peaceful and serene.

I also like your artwork you made for your dad. Keep creating!

danasparkle said...

i celebrate the setting sun & long strides with you. gonna play some DMB on my ipod. your dad must be thrilled looking into the deep blue....

Johwey Redington said...

It must be really nice to have lake nearby. I'd go on sunset walks everyday if I have one near my house. Lovely!

And I loved your canvas college. I'm sure your dad adored it.

eva diva said...

Mother nature really is the best inspirer!I like looking out of the swimming pool of my gym and looking out into the sun setting, It's a truly romantic feeling and inside the water I can be quiet with my own thoughts.

And your dad must be really happy that his daughter spent time making that artwork for him!I've always wanted to paint my dad something but have not got down to doing it!