Monday, June 28, 2010

My new favorite color

Turquoise Favorites, originally uploaded by byjen.
Red has been my favorite color for years, but lately I have been gravitating towards turquoise. It's such a vibrant color. It just makes me happy. So I was inspired to collect a little bit of happy on flickr with this mosaic. It was a lot of fun to find all these photos.

The center photo is one from my friend Kenna. And the adorable camper is from a t-shirt made by Peculiar Momma whom I met through Flying Lessons. And of course there's a little Kelly Rae Roberts. I would have added Donna Downey if she was on flickr, too. She uses a lot of turquoise in her work. I found a lot of fun pictures. Like the converse and the glasses--both are very "me."

What color is inspiring you lately?


danasparkle said...

i LOVE this so much. i have been thinking turquoise and feeling sad in the grey & brown at my house.
i'm inspired. thanks,

INeedToColor said...

love this - and love turquoise too! i confess that i have not used flickr before, so I did not know you can do this. i will add it to my list of to do's. this course has just opened up my worls so much! thx for sharing :)

carol gourley said...

Hi Jen, I'm a fellow flyer and Turquoise has been my favourite colour for the last year too. I have a few collections and everytime I walk past them I stop and smile. Who could have known something so simple could give such pleasure, hehe.
How creative your mosaic is, I love it. I smiled the whole time I read your post and looked at your pictures for quite some time.

Rachel said...

Hi Jen,

i like your blue picks especially the camper, these days, i am drawn to blue as well, turqoise and robyn's eggs blue especially, ( i actually made a post on blue this week too:) although i love yellow and green and orange too! im trying to do little makeovers with our room and blue is my inspiration!

thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your comment on Bird from a Wire's interview... i really appreciate it:)

have a lovely weekend~

scrapwordsmom said...

This is my fave color, too!!