Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspired by my creative flight

Taking Flight
I have been wanting to make a "Taking Flight" piece for quite a long time now. And here it is! I just love how it turned out. I haven't decided its fate though.

"Taking Flight" is of course inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts, her book, and now her e-course. I was first introduced to Kelly Rae Roberts by way of the first Word Art I sold on Etsy in March last year. When I saw her art, it was love at first sight. And when I saw she had written a book, I rushed out to get it and I adored that, too. So I wanted to make a piece that I could somehow share with Kelly Rae Roberts to thank her for her inspiration. I did get sidetracked, but now with the e-course the need to make it reemerged.

Last year I started making these words for friends and family. The first few were reminders of our word for the year (inspired by Ali Edwards). Then a few baby gifts, then a few to sell and so on. I made them using craft supplies I had piling up, since I seemed to like to collect the materials more than I used them. I also started using more than one technique, since I was collecting hobbies as well. I have made quite a few as gifts and to sell, and I am still amazed at all the ideas that keep coming. Its not only the words, but its the techniques that keep growing and changing. Thanks to inspiration from artists like Kelly Rae Roberts and Donna Downey, as well as the wealth of creativity on the Internet, I am now exploring more artistic techniques. I guess I am just adding to my arsenal of hobbies.

Don't forget I am giving away my Freedom Word Art to one lucky winner tomorrow. Make sure to share your favorite word in the comments to enter to win!


renee said...

It is beautiful and perfect in every way.

Michele from Pipi La La said...

Gorgeous! Love the colours too!

honeybee said...

Hi, Jen! I love "Taking Flight". It is so beautiful. And I see you used your debossing kit. I love that effect.

You sound so much like me, as in collecting hobbies. I love crochet, beads, painting, gardening, photography, digital scrapbooking, and now I am doing some basic embroidery for my crochet baskets. I just can't help it. :-)

And I see my blog listed. Gosh, that makes me feel wonderful. Thank you so much. I am so glad we have connected in Kelly's wonderful e-course.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kerri said...

wow- that is beautiful! are you sending it to kelly? well, it's just lovely!!! :) i hope she posts it on the course site for all to see!!

Shalet said...

Wonderful. I too have a word of the year (via Ali Edwards). This year's word is Imagine. :o)

Rebecca Everett said...

Hey Jen I didn't know you were taking the Learning to fly workshop. Hello fellow flier!

Kerri said...

yes- i could move there. that first pic is my favorite. white and silver it seem. one of these days, i might have to write a song inspired by these lovely images you post!!! love looking at this pretty stuff always!

danasparkle said...

really gorgeous. my word for the year is receiving and it a true gift to see the work you are creating.

olive + hope said...

I love this piece! It makes me smile. My word for the year is expand :)