Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Wow, it has been a long time. What a busy summer! I wish I could say it was busy with family vacations and time to be creative. No such luck. It was just busy with work, work, work. But now that fall is near, I might actually have a little more free time. The new semester is bringing with it a new schedule and lighter work load for my hubby (he teaches Anatomy & Physiology at a local community college). And my oldest daughter is now in kindergarten. Just those two changes may bring me a little extra time for me. So to start things off, I am taking an online art class from Paulette Insall. I'm excited but a bit overwhelmed by all the different art supplies. Just the different types of acrylic paints make my head spin. I think I just need to move past all that and just get into my craft room and finally make something! Stay tuned.....

Click here to learn about online mixed media workshops with artist Paulette Insall

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