Sunday, September 20, 2009

Drive-in Movie Cars

Drive-in Movie Cars, originally uploaded by byjen.

Last Sunday was our first football Sunday of the season. So it was a relaxing family day at home. For some fun, the girls and I made cars inspired by this blog. I learned about this blog months ago and have been searching for the perfect boxes, and the right time, ever since. It was a fun time.

The girls chose the paint color for their boxes and they also painted white paper plates for the tires. Rebecca wanted to make sure the tires could turn, so I used brads to secure them. I also taped a flap of cardboard from the front edge to secure their paperplate steering wheel using a brad as well. Rebecca painted the faces on both cars (Katherine didn't last much past the car painting) and included little tongues sticking out. The cars turned out adorable. For their first drive-in, the girls saw a showing of Cinderella (a favorite of both).

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