Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A favorite layout

Papa Bill Shadow Box, originally uploaded by byjen.

I've been dying to share this completed layout but had to wait until after Father's Day (it was a gift for my dad). I just started making this layout for fun following the Donna Downey class instructions, but then it developed into something more. I just love the moment captured between my dad and Katherine. And the journaling sentiment I found. And the colors all worked so well together. I just need to remember in the future to photograph the layout before trapping it behind glass. Ooops.


tracy said...

Hi Jen ~
thanks for stopping by! I love your father's day layout ~ very Donna inspired! I'm dying for her fabric album kit but have told myself I have to finish a few projects before taking on something new :) the rustic wire, in case you didn't know, was purchased from Donna's website. I may have to buy it in bulk now, though....

Wendy said...

Visiting from Donna Downey's blog, she should be proud that you gave it a whirl, this framed art is Wonderful and I know your dad loved it!

Great job!