Monday, March 16, 2009

Art Journal

Lately, my creative adventure has taken me on a wonderful and inspiring path. As a result I'm exploring new artforms and learning new techniques. So I've been considering starting an art journal. Up 'til now this notebook in the photo has been my place for creative thoughts and ideas, but generally in word form only. But now I think I "need" an art journal. A place where I can try new techniques and maybe discover more about me. I've noticed that a couple of my creative inspirations seem to have art journals, too, such as Donna Downey, and Ali Edwards. I've also just been introduced to Kelly Rae Roberts. Her book Taking Flight (my new favorite book) includes an art journal as one of the projects. I also found this, too. So if anyone else is interested in creating an art journal or has more information or examples to share, please do. I'll be sure to share, too!

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Christina Tryon said...

First-thanks so much for visiting my blog and for you comments! Starting an art journal is a fantastic way to add a new dimension to your creativity. It gives you permission to try new things and just sort of go wild! I highly recommend Art Journaling 101 and 102 here {when time allows}: