Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where to begin....

I suppose I have always been creative. I do remember working on art projects with my mom for school and helping to decorate my bedroom. I come from a very creative family. My mom enjoys rubber stamping and making cards. She has made chairs from birch trees and made wreaths from dried grapevines. She's amazing in the garden (not necessarily one of my creative talents or interests). My dad's creative talents include woodworking, photography, stained glass, and baking. I have some beautiful oak furniture and wonderful stained glass to show for his talents. And we benefit from my dad's baking at the holidays with amazing cinnamon rolls he learned from the family (his sister-in-law's (my aunt's) mom). This aunt, Cyndy, has made a business for herself making fleece blankets and pillows. My grandpa has made windchimes from silverware and is constantly tinkering with things and coming up with creative designs and solutions. For a recent example, we helped him design and build an amazing sandbox for my daughter, Rebecca. He also helps my grandmother with her various crafts. She sews, knits, and used to make incredible macromey art. She's sewn doll clothes and adorable frogs and is constantly knitting beautiful Christmas stockings for everyone in our family. In fact, I was inspired to learn to knit because of this. My grandma tried to teach me, but I was surprisingly dense and couldn't pick it up without some additonal help. But thats another story. My Grandma Doris is always knitting, as well, and has enjoyed oil painting landsapes for many years. My Uncle Richard has his own landscaping business where he creates beautiful yards. I could go on and on.

It's natural that I would enjoy being creative. But I didn't tap into very much for awhile because I went to college and optometry school. As a student I always felt like I should really either be studying, eating, or sleeping. I felt guilty doing other activities. This doesn't mean I didn't do anything else. It just means that there was certain amount of guilt that went with doing other activities. Towards the end of optometry school I did start enjoying some creative outlets. I married my amazing and supportive husband, Daniel, in December 1999, and enjoyed making the invitations, helping to design the cake, and making Christmas ornament favors and wreath centerpieces. I also made my first official scrapbook for Daniel's Christmas present that year. The demands of optometry school did make it difficult to find the time to be creative but I now look back and attribute some of my creative interests to friends and experiences from school. My roommate, Anna, helped me to discover Martha Stewart, the art of home decorating, and introduced me to Stampin' Up rubber stamps. Jacee was pretty crafty and inpsired me to decorate for all the holidays, not just Christmas. And Cindy introduced me to the relatively new craze at the time called scrapbooking. I'm sure I could come up with more.

So I suppose all of the above is responsible for my creative passion. I love being creative. It makes me feel so excited and alive. I love being in places like Michaels and JoAnn's. I love making gifts for family and friends during the holidays and birthdays. Its just been a challenge for me to find the time. Now its harder to find the time between household chores, my optometry career and my family, which now includes my two young girls, Rebecca(almost 4) and Katherine(1). But I am now working harder to make the time. And this is what this blog is for -- my creative adventure and inspiration.

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